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Thursday, 3 May 2007

Curtain Call - Goodbye

9 weeks of constant blogging, it's time to say goodbye, well the last post for PR & Tech module.
I must say I appreciate this opportunity of doing this paper and getting my hands on all the communication technologies. I have learnt a lot.
As I am a newbie to this whole social media, I feel that I'm not so qualified to comment on these communication developments and as a student perhaps the application of these ICTs aren't so obvious....learning as I go....I suppose.

Introduction to all these new things everyday is great, especially when it relates to PR. With this experiences, I hope to some time in the near future to apply it to the context of PR in my home town, Saigon, known as Ho Chi Minh city now.

These new ICTs have perhaps influence the way PR is practiced and will continue to make an impact on the industry and its way to professionalisation. PR practitioners now will have many challenges ahead yet continue to grow globally.

I would like to say thank you to Derek, our lecturer and to all my classmates for participating in this paper. I have learnt so much from you guys, from reading your posts and your thoughts. I am sorry if I haven't contribute as knowledge is limited. ;-)

I wish all of you happiness, success in whatever you choose to do in life after graduating.

Good luck and Goodbye

The curtain is drawn.

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Evi said...

If your knowledge is limited An, what about ours? Or at least mine! In the beginning of the semester I considered myself to be tech-illiterate, but during these months, I have to agree with you, I've learnt so many things. I've also realised how much technology tend to alter the PR practice. Many new tools are now available to the practitioners, who, however, have to be careful in their use. The challenges are indeed too many, and I also hope to have the chance to face them soon. Good luck to you too :-)

ps: you have to admit that my response to your post was immediate. You know why? ('s called RSS);-)