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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Twitter, the 'hot' tool

With 140 words limit, you now can give your friends or the 'public' or whoever happens to be online at the time, your whereabouts, what you're up to, a personal brief diary 'What you're doing?' on

Drew B, a prominent PR blogger, provided intensive information about this new social media tool, in which he is a fan of. Also, the Guardian's post on the topic shows similar support. So I was curious and wander to the world of Twitter, created an account for myself and see what's the happs. Just like other social media tool, a bit like Instant Messenger (IM) but of course more sophisticated. I can post my current 'doing' such as 'I’m feeling stressed about the Tech assignment' onto Twitter. I can invite my friends to be on it so that we all can view each other's updates, of course with the condition that we must be on the net....pretty regularly.

I also can get updates on my phone, view Public timeline (what other people around the world are doing) every second. Another option available is 'Followers' who are people get my updates on their phone or IM. And there is a Twitter Blog, you can participate in.

So I get it. You and me, geographically distant, if we're both connected via this Twitter, I will know what you're doing right now at this moment, via my phone alerts. The Guardian called it evolution of blogging. The Twitter package also extents to Google Reader and Yahoo Pipes or Google Talk, many other and of course the familiar RSS feeds.

Question is SO WHAT?

For me it's like another version for IM, which really if you have a Blackberry and get all the updates, feeds, news, email and other million things, Twitter is perhaps another of that similar kind, a relative, another bug that would crowded my phone. And if this tool has any advantages for marketing purpose or PR (I can't find any usage for this), I truly doubt its ability and capability of getting the messages across to the intended user, bear in mind the competitive environment that other tech tools are crying out to be heard. It’s the same situation really, more tech-tool for communication, more choices and the audiences get confused, and the boomerang effect…..

I’m feeling sorry for audiences whom are targeted by this whole new social media world. How on earth can on suppose to read so many feeds, and updates and everything……Just like advertising, so many out there and if one catches your attention, it must be really lucky.

Yes I cannot ignore the potential for any technological advancements, but getting all ‘enthus’ about something without critically assessing its application is like a reflex when you visit a doctor and get a knock on your knee…what will happen?

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